Additional Services

Online Tracking

We provide a 24 hour online container tracking. So our clients can monitor the time of their shipment and further plane their warehouse activities for either storing or manufacturing purpose.

We encourage our clients to continually improve the trading cycles and can adopt modern philosophies of supply chain management.

Arranging Inspection

This service saves the trouble of having to constantly check on the examination of the cargo. We share professional relationships with a number of examination officers worldwide; ensuring the prompt and safe delivery of your goods.

Labor and Security

We provide extra labor services for various bulk moving activities at the port and transportations. Our ongoing labor force insures the security of the goods and prevents any irregular activity.


We offer to meet with our clients and discuss the best possible insurance cover for their requirements. We understand the importance of the cargo and that each delivery is unique, thus our team of experience professionals will guide to make the right choice and eliminate any possibility of doubt.

Shipping Containers

We offer a clients choice from a collection of shipping containers at an extremely low cost. These containers are spacious and sturdy, assuring enough space for your cargo and no damage. This size is commonly used to allow for easy handling and convenient storage of large volumes of cargo.