Custom Brokerage

Our experienced technical experts can help your goods clear quickly and efficiently with our electronic customs-clearance network. How? By taking advantage of the latest Customs release initiatives and reviewing your goods to make sure they comply with product-specific regulations.

Customs Consulting

We realize that international trade issues can be challenging. Our customs experts can guide you through the complexity of:

  • FBR compliance
  • Tariff classification
  • Valuation
  • Duty/tax recovery
  • Specific product requirements

Compliance Audits

It is true that Customs is moving towards post-entry verification and audits. This means all importers and exporters must keep accurate trade data. We'll review your records to ensure they comply with both tariff and non-tariff-based requirements, and we'll make sure you're prepared for a potential Customs audit.

One time custom clearance

Are you looking for a fast, economical way to have your personal or first time shipment(s) cleared through Customs?

You've come to the right place: we have a team of dedicated personnel that work exclusively on these unique shipments. We accept all modes of payments according to the agrrement laid before, to make it easy for the shipment to be Customs released.

Carriers - You have a truck load of freight with various importers who all have Customs Brokers. Along with that freight, you have one or two small shipments for importers who do not have a Customs Broker. If these shipments are not set up before you cross the border - it could hold up all of your deliveries..

Vendors - You have customers in foreign countries. They do not know the process at the border. They have questions about Duties, Taxes, Customs Fees. Have them call ASB Contract Customs Brokers' One Time Customs Clearance department. We will walk them through the process, educate them on what is required, and help them buy their shipment with no surprises. Look at us as an extension of your Customer Service department.

Importers - We take the time to help you understand the Customs process. It may seem difficult at first - and that is why we are here. Our team will help you get your shipment through the border - whether it be furniture for a renovation you are doing, some machinery for a new business, a car, boat or airplane - we handle all types of products - nothing is too big or small!

Helpful information - Goods imported for person al use have no custom duty, import from China through the FC document has no custom duty, and trade from another country which falls under any agreement with Pakistan has a flexible rate of duty.

Clearing And Freight Fowarding

We share professional relationships with customs officers, Federal board of revenue and insurance companies nationwide, ensuring the prompt and safe delivery of your goods.

We offer the following services; shipment consultancy, export and import custom clearing, documentation, shipment formalities, communication with authority. We assure that all documentation will be delivered to you 24hours from the arrival of your goods, and provide our services for every medium and any destination.